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Based on wide variety of technology, we respond to every specified needs from each customer at pinpoint

The feature of our company as the top manufacturer of stencil products is in having continued developed many technologies at the first in the stencil industry by our own hand. We have established new manufacturing technologies, such as additive process and laser processing one after another in the world of stencil industry, and built the systematized technologies of stencil manufacturing in becoming “widely and also deeply."
From providing selective manufacturing processes of stencil to the technical service for customers, we prepare various menus and are answering to all customers’ requests at pinpoint.

Company name PROCESS LAB. MICRON Co., Ltd.
Establishment March, 1964
Capital 100 million (JPY)
Representative President & CEO  Ryoji Hattori
Business Development, manufacturing, sales& marketing for stencil on SMT field.
Development, manufacturing, sales& marketing for stencil on IC package field.
Development, manufacturing, sales& marketing for stencil on Display field.
Precision works and a trial product by using Etching process, Electroforming process and Laser cutting process
Technical service for the above
Office and factory Headquarters/Kawagoe factory at Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture
Kyushu factory at Saga, Saga Prefecture
Chubu technology center at Komaki, Aichi Prefecture
Utsunomiya Sale office at Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture
Kawagoe Sales office at Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture
Yokohama Sales office at Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Nagoya Sales office at Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Osaka Sales office at Moriguchi, Osaka Prefecture
Kyushu Sales office at Saga, Saga Prefecture

Policy for Quality and environment

We go for the sharing with the local society under coordinating with the nature.

We operate our business under realization of the influence by our production, development and sales activity in stencil business as our major part to the environment of the earth crossly.

Quality policy

We dedicate our effort to the global manufacturing industry by doing both production and development of stencil products as our major part of business. Also, we share our quality policy with all employees through education or motivation program and disclose to both inside and outside of the company at our web-site.

  1. Through catching expanding needs from customers and respond timely to continuous change, we will continue to improve our system on production process so as to be matched with both our satisfaction and customer’s satisfaction.
  2. We keep law and rule and also follow our quality document until the revision by our will.
  3. By restructuring our business system by separating things to either being change or not,we try our best effort to keep the quality stability by all employees.

Environmental policy

We recognize our activity such as stencil development, manufacturing and sales are intimately connected to the global climate.
We will prevent pollution and improve our environmental management system on a continuing basis.
Our environmental policies are announced through education and awareness campaign to our employee.
We will announce the policies within as well as outside our company by posting on our home page.

  1. We will contribute to reduce environmental burden by developing and selling environment-conscious products.
  2. We will figure out the environmental influence of our business activity and try to reduce energy usage.
    We will also prevent global warming and promote energy saving.
  3. We will comply environmental laws and regulations as well as other requirements which we agree with.
  4. We will establish our environmental goals and try to reduce hazardous chemical usage.
    We also try to prevent pollution by reducing emission amount of our waste.
  5. We will conduct the audit environmental management system and keep improving it.

ISO Certification


Headquarters/Kawagoe factory, Kyushu factory and Chubu technology center are covered by ISO.


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