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Based on wide variety of technology, we respond to every specified needs from each customer at pinpoint.

The feature of our company as the top manufacturer of stencil products is in having continued developed many technologies at the first in the stencil industry by our own hand. We have established new manufacturing technologies, such as additive process and laser processing one after another in the world of stencil industry, and built the systematized technologies of stencil manufacturing in becoming “widely and also deeply."
From providing selective manufacturing processes of stencil to the technical service for customers, we prepare various menus and are answering to all customers’ requests at pinpoint.

Prejudice to new technologies and new products

Our company has completed its own business market and accomplished its own growth by developing new technologies and new products,
There are not few products which sent out many patent and utility models to the market prior to the other companies, such as acquisition, an additive process, and laser beam machining, until now. And new technology and a new product are bearing a fruit one after another, and we are further going to expand technical width still now. Our company has acquired many patent and utility models until now. There are not few products sent out to the market by our company prior to the other company, such as Nickel electro-formed stencil and laser processed stencil. And we are trying to expand the width of technology one after another, and a new product is bearing a fruit still now.

Supplying wide variety of stencil products by in-sourcing manufacturing

Beside we are supplying a wide variety of stencil products, all of our products are provided by in-sourcing manufacturing. This policy is based on thinking of "Customer First” liking to perform well cared manufacturing with fine grained details just because they are the important products for customers. Just to finish the each product carefully, it is our standard position.

Correspondence power as the top-share manufacturer

Both of fulfilled production sites and those capacities are also the features of our company. For example, in order to correspond to every purchase order from the customers all over Japan perfectly, our production facility is arranged to three areas in Kanto, Chubu, and Kyushu. This has established the organization which can respond flexibly to the customers and change flexibly to market’s needs, such as multiproduct production in small quantities and quick-delivery service. According to such this fulfilled production organization, we can provide any product set corresponding to each customer needs covered the order for from a trial production to a mass production.

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