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Our company has been developing various stencil products indispensable to SMT process in which electronic components are mounted by cream- solder printing prior to the stencil industry, and has contributed to the innovation in the electronics industry of Japan through both of the miniaturization and the density growth on the electronic consumer-products.
Our history spreads from wet-etching processing to the additive processing adapting Nickel electro-forming technology, the laser processing which was could provide short-term delivery, and the post-processing technology represented by the electrolytic polishing technology in which the printing quality was progressed greatly, and we are self-confident as that our history provided the big contribution achieved to establishment of the standard processing technology and specifications in the stencil industry.
We think that he would like to contribute to our customers in the world with innovative products or technologies, without remaining in the present products or market. The belief and the passion which we always consider "Something new", create it and offer it, those are just our energy.
Aiming at the pioneer of the stencil industry, we will continue to challenge the new technology and try it to the new market from now on.
We will greatly appreciate your continuous support and dealing with us.

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